Techniques for Creating Living Shorelines (TX), 2/11/2010


Topic(s): Living Shorelines
Priority Issue(s): Ecosystem Integration , Habitat Conservation
Host Partner(s): Mission-Aransas Reserve
Location: Port Aransas Community Center, Port Aransas, TX
Date/Time: calendar icon  2/11/2010
Price: $0
Max Applicants: 100

You can download the following workshop documents:

Workshop Agenda: TX_LSL_Agenda02112010

Homeowner Guide to Permitting Living Shorelines in Texas

Copy of shoreline protection product cost estimates:  Shoreline protection products Cost Estimates – MS AL Sea Grant

List of living shoreline websites, publications and electronic files:   TX Coastal Bend LSL CD Contents, Online Resources and Publications

Speaker Presentations:

Welcome: Overview and Workshop Goals, Sally Morehead and Chad Leister, Mission-Aransas NERR: Watch on video!

What are Living Shorelines?
Lee Ann Wilde, Galveston Bay Foundation: What are Living Shorelines

Texas Coastal Processes and Shoreline Alternatives
Charlie Belaire, Belaire Environmental Inc.: Charlie Belaire – Shoreline Alternatives

Cost of Construction and Maintenance of Living Shorelines
Debbie DeVore, US Fish and Wildlife Service: Cost and Maintenance of Living Shorelines

Texas Living Shoreline Case Studies
Beau Hardegree, USFWS: Beau Hardegree – Salt Lake Rookery Case Study
Lee Anne Wilde, GBF: Lee Anne Wilde – Alonso Case Study
Leo Trevino, CBBEP: Leo Trevino – Biven Case Study

Permitting and Regulatory Agency Panel
Lloyd Mullins, USACE; Amy Nunez, TxGLO; Jesse Solis, Permit Service Center; Heather Young, NOAA; Pat Clements, USFWS; Jackie Robinson, TPWD; Raul Cantu, TxDOT; Peter Schaefer, TCEQ

Living Shoreline Design Methodology
Amy Baldwin Moss, Florida Department of Environmental Protection: 4.Living Shoreline Design Methodolgy

Living Shorelines Cookbook
Melody Ray-Culp, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: 9.Living Shorelines Cookbook

Funding Opportunities for Living Shorelines Projects
Heather Young, NOAA:  NOAA Community Based Restoration Funding
Beau Hardegree, USFWS: USFWS Coastal Program Funding

Special thanks to our partners who made this event possible.

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