Saltwater Intrusion and Coastal Aquifer Vulnerability, Weeks Bay Reserve, 5/29/2012

Topic(s): Climate Change , Land Conservation
Priority Issue(s): Community Resilience , Nutrient Impacts , Water Quality
Host Partner(s): Weeks Bay Reserve
Location: map icon Weeks Bay Reserve
Date/Time: calendar icon5/29/2012
Price: $0.00
Max Applicants: 24

This workshop is about saltwater intrusion.

Download Workshop Agenda:  Seawater Intrusion Workshop Agenda

Speaker Presentations:

  1. Current Water Quantity and Quality in Coastal Aquifers
    Marlon Cook
    1.M Cook Baldwin Co GW Workshop 5-29-12
  2. Water Use Update
    Tom Littlepage
    2.OWR_Tom Littlepage 2X
  3. Groundwater Quality of Souther baldwin County, Alabama
    Geoffrey R. Tick and Dorina Murgulet
  4. Optimal Management of Coastal Aquifers from Seawater Intrusion: Southern Baldwin County, Alabama
    Geoffrey R. Tick and Chunmiao Zheng



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