ArcGIS I: Introduction to GIS (Version 10.1), Mar 18-19, 2014, Grand Bay Reserve

Topic(s): Geographic Information Systems
Priority Issue(s):
Host Partner(s): Grand Bay Reserve
Location:  Grand Bay NERR, Moss Point, MS
Date/Time: calendar icon3/18/2014 – 3/19/2014
Price: $220.00
Max Applicants: 12


If you are interested in ArcGIS I, please do sign up to be on our waiting list. We will be offering this course one or two more times this year and will give priority to those on our waiting list before opening registration up to a broader audience.


This course teaches what a GIS is and what you can do with it. Working with various components of the ArcGIS system, you will create GIS maps, explore and analyze the data behind the maps, and apply methods to easily share your maps. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of how GIS maps and ArcGIS tools are used to visualize real-world features, discover patterns, obtain information, and communicate that information to others. For more information, click here.

Who Should Attend:

Individuals who do not have any prior GIS education or workplace experience with GIS. This class is targeted for MS state and local government staff or others that are working on projects with these agencies. Space is limited to 12 students and so preference will be given to these individuals.


After completing this course, you will be able to

  • Quickly create and share a GIS map using ArcGIS web-based tools and content.
  • Find and organize geographic data and other GIS resources for a mapping project.
  • Accurately display features on a GIS map and efficiently access information about them.
  • Analyze a GIS map to identify where features that meet specific criteria are located.
  • Share GIS maps and analysis results so they can be viewed using desktop applications, websites, and mobile devices.


This course is being taught by Gunnar Olson from the Geosystems Research Institute at Mississippi State University. This is part of the Geospatial Education and Outreach Project (GEO Project) which is a collaborative effort among the Geosystems Research Institute, the Mississippi State University Extension Service and the Mississippi Coordinating Council for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems.  The purpose of the project is to serve as the primary source for geospatial education and technical information for the citizens of Mississippi.



To Register:

Please submit your registration information by clicking on the “Register Online” box at the top right corner of this Web page. Space is limited to 12 students and so preference will be given to MS state and local government staff.


This workshop is free for MS state and local government staff. All other students must pay the $220 registration fee to cover the cost of books. Lunch is provided. Registration fees can be paid by credit card on the GEO Project website or by check (payable to Mississippi State University) which can be brought the day of the workshop or mailed to the address below:

Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Attn: Larissa Graham
6005 Bayou Heron Road
Moss Point, MS 39562


Contact Larissa Graham at 228-475-7047 or by email for more inform

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