Bridging science, technology, and local decision-making to restore degraded wetlands with treated wastewater

The Gulf of Mexico Coastal Training Program teamed up with Tierra Resources, LLC to lead an informational workshop and field trip for coastal professionals to visit the Luling Oxidation Pond Wetlands Assimilation System, a project in Louisiana developed by Dr. Sarah Mack, President and CEO at Tierra Resources, to redirect treated municipal wastewater into an adjacent 1200-acre wetland property to restore the hydrology of the wetland and boost plant and soil productivity. The treated wastewater will enhance the ecological health of the wetland as well as increase the area’s carbon sequestration capacity. Carbon credits from the project may be issued once the field measurement and monitoring is complete and audited by an independent verifier. Carbon credits may be available from this project as early as 2017, and may serve as a new source of funding to continue restoration and monitoring activities for this project. This project serves as a pilot model for other wetland restoration and conservation projects in the Gulf of Mexico, the United States, and beyond.

During the training, local scientists, wastewater treatment operators, and energy representatives shared their vision about how cultivating public-private partnerships between energy sectors, municipal wastewater facilities, Parish leadership, universities, local landowners, and others are working to restore the loss of wetlands that are disappearing, sinking from land subsidence, and suffering from salt water intrusion and lack of nutrients to maintain a healthy wetland. Learn more.

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